The net result of this will be more choices in the 96 coe fusible glass line. Fused glass. 710 Catawba Street, Belmont, NC 28012, USA Phone: 704-829-9293 | Toll Free: 1-866-SLUMPYS 1-866-758-6797 | Fax: 704-829-7992 Accepts: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover Wissmach Transparent Peacock Feather Luminescent 96COE. By slowing down the ramp rates and adding a hold in the slumping range, you can accomplish a 'bubble squeeze' and encourage the air to escape as the glass fuses. If your test glass doesn't fire polish, go up 20 degrees and try again. Measure out half the fill weight of medium Clear glass and evenly distribute it in the bottom of the cavity. It also can change colors and the firing schedule can be a little tricky. This comprehensive guide introduces a new approach to designing and understanding firing schedules by breaking the firing cycle into three stages, each of which has unique challenges and is independent of the other two.The three stages are: initial heating through the brittle zone; heating to process . TRANSFERRING the decal to a ceramic or glass surface. The projects in this book are pri-marily made from glass with a COE of 96. Nuggets/pebbles are made by full fusing two 1/2" (approx) pieces of glass together. 1 hr 7.

W96-04. This creates level working surface on which to place the murine. 96 COE Firing Programs. 2 AFAP 960F (515C) 30 . I am very new to fused glass. No venting * Schedule for COE 96. Useful kiln firing schedule tips for getting started with a glass kiln. 90. Please contact Petra Kaiser for more information. 1.Firing schedules are for COE 96 glass. 96 COE Sheet Glass. 750. 12 min 4. ple, a glass with a COE of 84 will take more time and a higher temper-ature to fully fuse than a glass with a COE of 96. Aug 24, 2021 - Explore Cathe Grieshaber's board "Fused Glass Firing Schedules" on Pinterest. Textured Clear Glass - Variety Box - Wissmach COE 90 and 96. After the pieces are all fused together, it will need to go back into the kiln for the slumping process. Further down the page they chart a "Basic 6-Segment Firing Schedule" that takes eleven hours and twelve minutes. . Wissmach Transparent Deep Sky Blue Luminescent COE 96. Check the annealing temperatures for the art glass you're using and adjust accordingly. Yours may be at about 2.5-3. BEFORE PURCHASING THE E-BOOK, PLEASE NOTE: Nevertheless, it is best to do a test firing first since some of the art glass may not fuse well. A totally different concept in Dichroic Coatings! How . 300/hr. Kiln Firing Schedule for Adding Texture To Your Glass . . Always remember that any given firing schedule is just a starting point. Fuse It Compatibility Test Card . The trick is applying pressure to the squeegee, firmly, but gently, pulling from center of decal out. Our selection of solid colors is ideal for use in mosaic artwork on opaque backing surfaces. April 30, 2019 November 1, 2016. Fused Glass, Glass Books, Glass Supplies, Glass Classes Services - Nartique Glass. Set Point Temp. Nerd's Cone 6 firing schedule. Don't, however, . b) one wine bottle- you can cut the top or bottom off of the bottle to better suit your mold size if you prefer, or make your ceramic texture mold sized to fit the entire flattened bottle. $13.18. The TAP controller is preloaded with firing schedules for glass, ceramic, or metal clay use but also allows personal firing information for full artistic control. At the temperatures necessary to melt . Each kiln is different and a test should be done before starting a large project. The firing schedule below is calculated for two 1/8 (3mm) layers of Bullseye that have been pre-fused. Why System 96? Frantz Art Glass 140 E Hideaway Ln Shelton WA 98584 USA Toll Free: 1-800-839-6712 Direct: 1-360-426-6712 Fax: 1-360-427-5866 System 96 products .

The first layer is W96-20 (Wissmach Cobalt Blue) and the second layer is W96-16 Lum (Wissmach Light Blue Luminescent). Start with my schedule, if your test glass warps out of shape, go down 20 degrees and try again.

Place the 5" square of colorful . Cut a 6 inch square of double thick (or two pieces of standard thickness) clear transparent COE 96 glass and a 5" square of a colorful piece of COE 96 glass of choice. 1. The range at which thermal shock can occur. >. Spectrum, has a COE of around 96, while standard window glass, has a COE that is around 84-87, depending on the manufacturer. Segment Thickness Rate Temp Hold (inches) (F per hour) F Minutes 1. For COE 90 glass, increase temperatures by 25F (15C) PAPER-THIN FIRING FOR NEEDLES AND SMALLLEAVES 1 Casting Seg 1 300F (150C)/hour to 1325-1350F (715-730C), Hold 10 minutes Seg 2 Off, cool kiln, no venting Slumping Seg 1 . You must find the correct number on the . Oceanside Compatible Firing Schedules. I can't emphasize this enough. All kilns vary. 1 hour anneal hold. 1000. System 96 Dichroic or Iridescent Glass System 96 Vitrigraph System 96 Rods System 96 Confetti System 96 Pebbles Glassline Paint Pens for All Coe of glass fusing 2oz bottle . Adjust for coe 90 by raising temps 25 degrees and annealing at 900. Delphi Tip: Clean Y-96 glass thoroughly with a non-ammonia glass cleaner before firing to get a smooth, gloss finish in your fired art. Top. Set the temperature on the kiln. the High Gloss Firing Schedule. The result is a flat bottom with a rounded . . schedule one of our . System 96 is stained glass with a COE of 96. Programmable kilns make it easy to set up a firing schedule at a certain rate. Understanding the firing stages for successful results. ; 4.67 sq. We offer our own Go Fusing line of Oceanside Glass System 96 compatible Coloritz tm products: Handmade Custom Sheet Glass Collage, Linear, and we brought back the beloved Uroboro Specialty Glass like Mardi Gras Sheet Glass.

If you're using a manual kiln, set the temperature to medium for about 15 minutes. Then pay attention to your results compared to mine.

If you note any differences in the results, they are 30 min bubble squeeze hold (longer if using inclusions- maybe an hour). Designed for computer networking via USB Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections, it . Y96 Fusible Stained Glass is sold in 6-inch sheets like the rest of our stained glass. Made in the USA. The glass will soften and the edges will become slightly rounded. Color. This isn't so crucial with regard to painting, as temperatures aren't as high as fusing or other warm glass techniques (eg slumping), but it is best to anneal (cool down slowly) any glass when firing, as it will . Below you see the firing schedule we used in our kiln. Re: conversion of 96 coe to 90. . 30 minutes is usually sufficient for small projects but you may choose longer annealing times for larger pieces. Colour de Verre molds should not be used with borosilicate, Pyrex, crushed bottles, or oat glass. $14.15. Firing programs Kiln schedules are made up of segments, each of which has a specific role within the firing program. Sandberg (CBS) is the licensed manufacturer of System 96 Dichroic glass products. Youghiogheny Y96 Fusible Stained Glass stained glass is affordable and can be used in mosaic art or fusing and slumping projects with 96 COE glass. An approximate temperature level to produce different effects for COE 96 glass is: 0 - 1000 Thermal shock range. Each piece of glass you purchase should have a sticker with either 90 or 96 on it. 1250. This glass is easy to cut, avail-able in a wide range of colors and color blends, and res beautifully in the kiln. 9999. Wissmach Half Sheets of Fusible Glass. CBS Dichroic. The Kiln features both top and side firing elements to heat projects uniformly, a big firing chamber (15" w x 6-1/2" d) and runs on household current. Specification. Ideal annealing temperatures are 900 F for 90 COE and 950 F for 96 COE glass. For glass up to 6mm thick: Step 1: 222C per hour to 627C. Before Firing. 2. youghiogheny opalescent glass company inc 300 SOUTH FIRST STREET CONNELLSVILLE PA 15425 PHONE: 724-628-3000 FAX : 724-628-5060 EMAIL:YOUGH@YOUGHIOGHENYGLASS.COM I had tried a couple of these before and they did fuse into well defined round dots. Sprinkle opal glass frit into the recessed valleys then create your next fusing masterpiece! Firing 90 and 96 are very similar. change. The recommended schedule from the System 96 website today is called "Advanced Full Fuse". You want to ramp as quickly as can be done with causing thermal shock up to fire-polish temperature, stay just long enough to produce the fire-polish, then ramp down as quickly as you can before the glass sags. Repeat this until all the cavities contain a layer of frit. We recommend you cap the opal glass with clear . For clear float glass add 50 degrees F (10C) SEG RAMP (dph) TEMP HOLD (min) CASTING . 3 Creative Glass MHS AG Contents BOOkS & pATTERNS 4 - 9 kILNS Paragon 10 - 12 Laser 13 BVD 14 - 16 Kiln Shelves, etc. Cap with clear for an extra glossy finish. COE 96 glass tack fuse 1350F 732C COE 90 glass tack fuse 1370F 743C COE 82 glass tack fuse 1425F 775C 5 Understanding Firing Schedules Why identity glass only by COE? Contour Fuse: 1350. Get inspired with your next fusing project! Wissmach also produces 96 coe fusible glass sheets and 96 coe frit. Firing Schedules for Precuts Materials/Tutorials/Youtube Shop Glass Jewelry +- All Shop Glass Jewelry; Earrings . Remember . My schedules are for 96. segment. the right firing schedules, and fusible/compatible glass, it is possible to drop a blank of glass through a mold onto another piece of glass that is draping to create a . For instance, these are the two firing schedules I use to achieve a TAC fuse. Rapid heat process soak This is where the glass starts to melt, the temperature will differ $18.97 (as of June 3, 2022 18:26 GMT +10:00 - More info Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Slump Firing Schedule* Segment Ramp Temperature Hold 1 200F/110C 1200F/650C 10 minutes 2 AFAP 960F/515C 60 minutes 3 100F/55C 600F/315C Off. View the firing schedule provided by Wissmach Glass here! The red System 96 triangle logo is your assurance that a glass has been Dramatic combinations of streamer, stringer and frit reminiscent of Mardi Gras!

Firing with Inclusions requires you to adjust your firing schedule. Spectrum Spirits and Uroboros Streakies work particularly well as the patterns in the glass will "fall" nicely to create interest. 12 min 3. Textured Clear Glass - Variety Box - Wissmach COE 90 and 96 . Grab some texture. Miscellaneous Supplies: 20" x 20" Thin Fire, . For COE 90, add 20 degrees F (7C) to all top temperatures. with COE 96 or COE 90 art glass. 398 Interstate Ct Sarasota, FL 34240 (941) 379-8333; Click here to send us a message; E-mail to; Tuesday-Saturday 10:00AM to 5:00PM EDT Change my annealing temperature (950) to 900, which is Bullseye's recommendation. Since there is no COE associated with the Dichroic Extract, it can be used much like a mica powder or powdered frits. I can tell you that mine reaches 1000 on about 3-3.5. TEST YOUR KILN!! Coatings by Sandberg (CBS) is the licensed manufacturer of System 96 Dichroic glass products. I am very new at fusing have trouble with my schedules. Initial heat This is a controlled heating of the glass to the first hold temperature, this helps to squeeze out unwanted bubbles. System 96 products undergo three rigorous test firings before receiving their "Tested" label. 600. rate, /Hr. Non lumi glass I would go to 1420 if using COE 96. That is a classic Fletcher Terry glass cutter. Fusing Glass / Wissmach (96COE) Wissmach (96COE) Prev 1 2 Next . . I am going to use a stencil, frit and glassline paint . If I use Coe 90 what would my firing schedule be? This can vary depending on the size of the glass and what you want it to look like when it is done. a) 2 layers of Bullseye 90COE 3mm glass, Spectrum 96 glass, or approximately 5/8" thick of compatible glass frit. 10 mins hold. The temperature for kiln carving is higher than slumping because the glass needs to reach a more liquid state to pick up small details. I am firing these 2 different ways and there is a schedule for both. There are stained glass products out there designed specifically for slumping and fusing, and that have the same COE so they can be used together.

650. off. Additionally, the style, size, thickness and desired results of any given project can also present unique requirements. This ring is designed to melt the piece's outer surface without soft-ening the piece's core and causing it to loose shape. these firing schedules are for COE 96 glass. The other third of the shelf includes the same in black glass and a few odd . COE96 is our primary focus for fusible glass components. Firing a full batch of glass art with an untested firing schedule is madness. The 90/96 COE glass, when fired to 1485 F, tends to shrink in but the bubbles are a little larger than a firing of 1450 F. 96 COE glass fired to 1420-1450 F is a nice fuse. The glass will soften and the edges will become well rounded as the glass begins to try and smooth and level out. Glass Supplies: 2.5 square feet COE 96 glass color of choice for base layers, various colors COE 96 for decorative elements. What is a good firing schedule to start with for COE 96 freeze and fuse? Sandberg (CBS) is the licensed manufacturer of System 96 Dichroic glass products. Y96 FIRING SCHEDULE GUIDELINES You might not like my first answer, so I am going to give you four suggestions and you can choose. . W96L19. Transparent glass easily allows light to pass through it. The firing schedule below is calculated for two 1/8 (3mm) layers of Bullseye that have been pre-fused. Modern firing schedules have been increasingly based on maturing glaze; which in turn means the clay body is not. What does Coe 96 or Coe 90 mean? Ships via FedEx! Use firing schedules as a guide, but remember to check your piece frequently during fusing, and record changes in schedules as needed. The hotter these are fired the larger the bubbles are. System 96 products undergo three rigorous test firings before receiving their "Tested" label. It has 8-segments and an elapsed cycle time of twelve hours, forty six minutes.

The piece measures approximately 17 inches in diameter and is made in 2 layers of Wissmach COE 96 glass. Glass nuggets (also known as pebbles) may also be used in stained glass and mosaic art. off. Fused Glass Dots - Before Firing. ft.) for half the price! Many . W96L18. The biggest indicators that the body is not mature is absorption, vitrification, and pin holes. Get tips on best practices for slumping flat sheet glass into a deep form bowl using three ceramic molds. Kiln styles and kiln performance (depending on age and condition) can vary. See more ideas about fused glass, kiln glass, glass. Kandyk Posts: 1 Joined: Tue Oct 04, 2011 1:42 am. Check the annealing temperatures for the art glass you're using and adjust accordingly. Nuggets, pebbles, frit balls and polka dots are 96 COE fusible glass made with Spectrum and Uroboros System 96 sheet glass. Continuous ribbon production glass is . The thing about kilnforming glass is that the combination of . This creates level working surface on which to place the murine. You can see from the photo that two thirds of the shelf is covered with just clear squares, single layer 3mm Bullseye 90 COE glass. Each firing result is measured for color-shift, opacification, devitrification and C.O.E. The Delphi EZ-Pro 15-6 Kiln with TAP Controller comes with 16 pre-programmed fusing schedules that help take the guesswork out of firing glass and ensure your success. Glass Details: -Wissmach or Oceanside 96 COE 3mm thick (depends on stock) -OR Bullseye 90 COE 3mm thick Color: -Black, white or clear Size: 2" tall Need a custom color or size? All are used by fused glass artists and hobbyists.

Firing Schedules Every kiln is different and every make of glass behaves differently in the kiln. CBS Dichroic extract is a pure form of high quality CBS coatings literally extracted OFF of the glass and preserved in a glass container. Fichier PDF. COE 96 Deluxe Assorted Fusible Glass Pack - 4 inch X 4inch Sheets - 6 Pack . . Mine has the infinite switch too, but I'm guessing yours will get up to temp. including clear glass. Click on the link above for . 9999 to 1480 15 min hold. 970 . There is also float glass or window glass around COE 82. . Close to a Full Fuse: 1400. 500. We loved Spectrum Glass Color Formulas from the beginning! firing schedules and the logic behind their development (in both Celsius and Fahrenheit) guidelines for finishing and slumping projects into gallery quality pieces.

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