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Lower your body to squat down.


tributor to the stretch-shortening cycle, which consists of controlled muscle elongation (eccentric action) followed by a rapid muscle shortening (concentric action). The muscles contain a higher proportion of type 2 muscle fibres than the other muscles of the lower extremity; suggesting high intrinsic force generation.

Please answer the folowing questions seperately. B5 pushes forward to receive pass from target and plays a bounce pass B6 moves forward as they would during the game The remaining back 3 shift to remain compact and in support of the ball If red win the ball they can attack goal or maintain possession Final segment would be to challenge the blue team and play 7v7 10 9 11 7 T 6 Objective .

There are three phases: eccentric, amortization,and concentric.

Muscle force generated during shortening is potentiated after active stretch. Thereshold. The desired outcome has the hamstring active when the muscle is stretched in an eccentric contraction.

The purpose of plyometric exercise is to increase the power of subsequent movements by using both the natural elastic components of .

Sumbul Ansari Ph.D. Scholar CPRS, JMI Plyometric Training "Plyometric" ( plio = more; metric = measure) exercise is a quick, powerful movement using a prestretch, or countermovement, that involves the stretch-shortening cycle.

When a muscle is suddenly stretched, resulting in an eccentric contraction that is followed by a concentric contraction of the same muscle, the total force generated in the concentric contraction . EC.

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Stretch Shortening Cycle.

The amortization phase must be kept short; the longer it is, the greater the loss of stored energy. )Allows for nervous system to recruit more motor units for more forceful contraction.

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Cocking of Kicking Limb 4. A stretch-shortening cycle (SSC) is a common muscle action during exercise and everyday movement.


The faster the rate of the stretch, the stronger the neurological signal sent from the muscle spindle, and as a result, the greater the efferent muscle contraction (the shortening cycle of the plyometric movement). Muscle elasticity and human performance.

2. This phenomenon is know as the stretch-shortening cycle or stretch-shorten cycle and has been extensively studied by Paavo Komi (1984, 1986).

Mostly used in plyometric activities. Prone area of Injury. For competitive athletes and advanced trainees, sticking within the 1-5 rep range using 80-90% of 1-RM is typically best for maximal strength and power gains. PPT - STRETCH-SHORTENING CYCLE PowerPoint Presentation, free download - ID:3409108 Create Presentation Download Presentation Download 1 / 21 STRETCH-SHORTENING CYCLE 407 Views Download Presentation STRETCH-SHORTENING CYCLE.

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- There are three phases: eccentric, amortization, and concentric. The stretching of a muscle is only considered an eccentric action if the muscle is active during the stretch ().

This kind of training conditions the nervous system to react faster to the stretch-shortening cycle (Aagaard and Simonsen, 2002). This article shall discuss the components of a reflex arc, the monosynaptic reflex and relevant clinical issues.


Stretch reflex Author: Shahab Shahid MBBS Reviewer: Uruj Zehra MBBS, MPhil, PhD Last reviewed: October 04, 2021 Reading time: 11 minutes The stretch reflex is the contraction of a muscle that occurs in response to its stretch.

17 Plyometric and Speed Training Explain the mechanics and physiology and speed-enhancing exercises Identify the phases of the stretch shortening cycle - A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on - id: 4cf538-MzFlN Muscle spindles are stimulated. Ch.

Plyometric Training & Olympic Lifting: These movements use the Stretch Shortening Cycle (SSC), which involves stretching the muscle, immediately followed by . Training for SSC requires two criteria. 0.6 M 0.

ELASTIC ENERGY STORAGE. C C. F ex. Squat Elastic Contrast

Postural tone is seen in axial muscles where gravity is . Relation to Our Senior Design Project.

The use of fiberoptic tendon force sensors and estimates of MTU length has allowed Komi and his colleagues to cre ate approximate in vivo torque-angular velocity diagrams (Figure 4.15).

Because of this mechanism, the SSC stores and utilizes elastic energy, thereby augmenting power output to levels . .


Plyometric Mechanics and Physiology Stretch-Shortening Cycle - The stretch-shortening cycle (SSC) employs both the energy storage of the SEC and stimulation of the stretch reflex to facilitate maximal increase in muscle recruitment over a minimal amount of time. Traditional approach vs Sports Medicine approach BRUKNER AND KHAN, CLINICAL SPORTS MEDICINE 3E. INTRODUCTION.

The premise is that when performing any type of fast, explosive movement, the involved tissues undergo a rapid eccentric stretch followed by an explosive concentric shortening.


This means that the movement you perform in training should match, as closely as possible, the movements encountered during .

Plyometric Training. EC. The muscle stretch reflex is the most basic reflex pathway in the body and as such, understanding this allows understanding of more complex reflexes.

When you stretch a muscle you effectively store its 'elastic energy' which can then be released to . Plyometrics: involve a quick, powerful movement using a pre-stretch or counter-movement that involves the stretch shortening cycle - Vertical Jump - Tuck Jumps - Split Squat Jumps - Box Jumps - Bounding - Clap Push Ups.

This form of training is governed by the stretch-shortening cycle, otherwise known as the reversible action of muscles. Etnyre, B. et al.

Lift your arms overhead as you jump .

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Exhausting and prolonged stretch shortening cycle exercise, instead, decreased the amplitude of the short-latency component of the stretch reflex in the gastrocnemius muscle up to 4 days after the exercise (Nicol et al.


Foot Planting 3.

Behavioral Properties of the Musculotendinous Unit Plyometric activities can be separated into two categories depending upon the duration of the ground contact time: 1) fast plyometric movements (250ms); and 2) slow plyometric activities (251ms).

What are types of muscle tone? In: Komi PV, editor.

Muscular Endurance.


CC. Just like a rubber band if you stretch it, it will want to return to its resting length.

2005). CC.

(1988) Chronic and Acute Flexibility of Men and Women Using Three Different Stretching Techniques. the brain, and is a monosynaptic response that is transmitted to the spinal cord. It is not controlled by higher functioning centre i.e. Chapter 4 Health.

Thereshold. 1. The eccentric-concentric phenomenon where the muscle-tendon complexes forcibly and rapidly lengthen, or stretch load, and then shorten immediately in a reactive or elastic way. Google Scholar Bobbert MF, Gerritsen KGM, Litjens CA, et al. Author: RTF .

London: Blackwell Scientific Publications, 1992: 169-79. We are building a winnowing machine for use in Kenya . involving elastic energy from the stretch-shortening cycle. IC. EFFICIENT STRETCH-SHORTENING CYCLE (SSC) MECHANICS RESULT IN ENERGY CONSERVATION AND ENHANCED PROPULSIVE FORCES.

IC. They need to have skillful, multijoint exercises to transmit forces through the kinetic chain and . Potential energy is caused by elastic energy in the muscle fibers resulting from stretching of the cross bridges in muscle proteins, activation of stretch reflexes and the muscle protein elastin. Stretch-shortening cycle. Hall, Ph.D. What is the stretch-shortening cycle?

ELASTIC RECOIL Gluteal Tendinopathy is more common in women than men and is common in postmenopausal women. Chapter 6 The Biomechanics of Human Skeletal Muscle Basic Biomechanics, 6thedition By Susan J.

The im-proved performance seen in the countermove-ment jump is attributed to a greater amount of The stretch-shortening cycle (SSC) refers to the 'pre-stretch' or 'countermovement' action that is commonly observed during typical human movements such as jumping.

The SSC is defined as a stretching of the muscle-tendon unit prior to a shortening 1.It has .

Contractile contribution of SSC (refer back to ppt) Force potentiation, increase activation w/CM, Stretch reflex.

Mostly used in plyometric activities. Stretch reflex may be utilized to facilitate a greater response Example - Quick, short squat before attempting a jump Quick stretch placed on muscles in the squat enables the same muscles to generate more force in subsequently jumping off the floor Proprioception and Kinesthesis - Golgi Tendon Organ (GTO) The tendon's thickness, fibrousness and poor blood supply are the causes of difficult healing.. SEC starts storing kinetic energy.

Inside of Foot-Ankle rotated out, toes pointed up. This phenomenon is called stretch-shortening cycle (SSC) effect.

The Effect of Static, Dynamic, and No Stretching Protocols on Agility and Vertical Jump Performance Purpose The purpose of this study was to identify which stretching protocol .

17 Plyometric and Speed Training Explain the mechanics and physiology and speed-enhancing exercises Identify the phases of the stretch shortening cycle | PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to view


Shorten MR.

Muscle stretch reflexes are involuntary contractions of muscles induced by a brisk stretch of the muscle. Webinar on Prevention Sports Injury 31st May 2020 7 pmto 8 pm.

(2012a) found an association between 'adiposity' and GT in women and found 'lower neck-shaft angle' was a risk factor. The stretch-shortening cycle: One of the properties of skeletal muscle is that it is elastic in nature.

- A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as an HTML5 slide show) on - id: bfc38-MTAzZ Eccentric/down phase Agonist muscles are being stretch/loaded. In human locomotion, such as running, hopping, and jumping, muscle contraction is typified by a combination of eccentric lengthening followed immediately by a concentric-shortening contraction thus termed a stretch-shortening cycle (SSC). 17 Plyometric and Speed Training - Ch. The Stretch-Shortening Cycle 60 Deceleration and Jump Training for Novice Athletes 61 Speed and Agility 61 Linear Speed 61 Agility 62 Interval Training 62 Components of Agility 62 Perceptual Decision-Making Factors 62 Technical Factors 62 Physical Factors 64 Anthropometric Factors 64 Agility Training Drills and Programming 64 Warm-up Drills 66 1.

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Laces KickSix Stages1. This stretch-shortening cycle has been dem - onstrated to enhance power performance to a greater extent than concentric training only (e. g. by performing squat jumps) (BOSCO, VII-TASALO, KOMI & LUHTANEN, 1982).

This process is frequently called the stretch-shortening cycle and is the underlying mechanism of plyometric training.

One important function during SSC movements is the appearance of stretch reflex, which can be evoked by the . Describe the individual demands that elicit [] The junction between the tendons of the hamstrings and the ischial tuberosity is the area affected by high hamstring tendinopathy. This pre-stretch allows the athlete to produce more force and move quicker.

Strength and power in sport. Fearon et al. A graded return to sport is a valuable part of tendon . ELASTIC RECOIL

results from the quick stretch followed by a shortening contraction. Used for passing, and finishing (shooting). Plyometricsexercises characterized by stretch-shortening cycle actions enabling muscle(s) to achieve maximal rates of force development and gain stiffness regulation; intended to improve reactive/explosive qualities of strength intervals Speed-endurancethe ability to maintain running speed after 1-2 seconds at maximal velocity (5-6 )Store elastic energy. PowerPoint Presentation Last modified by:

Chapter 3 Vocab. 28 for a review).

SSE, stretch shortening cycle exercise group; SIE, sprint interval cycling exercise group; IL-6, interleukin 6; IL-10, interleukin 10; BDNF , human brain-derived . Description.

abZ95. Slide 4-.

The stretch-shortening cycle is a muscle action occuring when active muscles lengthen and then is immediately followed by active muscle shortening.

Each unit follows a consistent and integrated sequence of presentation: basic anatomy and physiology review (including neurohormonal .

F ex.

Plyometric exercises commence with a speedy stretch of a muscle and later followed by a speedy shortening of the same muscle, breaking the two periods into the eccentric and concentric phase.

This phenomenon is called the stretch-shortening cycle (SSC).

Ball Contact 6. Figure 3: This graph shows the superposition of a hamstring stretch-shortening cycle and EMG data of muscle activation collected in a motion capture lab. Strength and Conditioning Journal, 32(4), 87-99. In this study, the magnitude of improvement was similar to that previously reported for analogous slow stretch-shortening cycle (SSC) (i.e., CMJA; SE = 0.43-0.59) and fast SSC (i.e., RSI20; SE = 0.81-0.89) muscle actions after plyometric training with young soccer players using interventions of similar duration or number of sessions and . Turner, A., & Jeffreys, I. Loading Parameters.

Reflex Arc Components.

17 Plyometric and Speed Training Explain the mechanics and physiology and speed-enhancing exercises Identify the phases of the stretch shortening cycle | PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to view One other key characteristic with . results from the quick stretch followed by a shortening contraction. Slide 2-.

The desired outcome has the hamstring active when the muscle is stretched in an eccentric contraction.

Please answer the folowing questions seperately.

Muscle tone can be classified as 'postural' and 'phasic' types.

Google Scholar Komi PV. BASED ON THE CURRENT REVIEW OF RESEARCH, ELASTIC ENERGY THROUGH TENDON RECOIL AND AN. The storage and release of energy is known as the stretch shorten cycle (SSC).

Ways to improve through strength training: Power Lifting: Performing power lifts (Bench, Squat, Deadlift) with a high weight at low reps can create hypertrophy of fast-twitch muscle fibers. Swing 5.

Andy Wallner's Presentation Yesterday . Purpose of stretch reflex.

Plyometrics: These are movements that are powerful and quick and that included the stretch-shortening cycle Amortization phase: This is the time period between concentric gained eccentric actions Stretch-shortening (cycle): This is an eccentric contraction (active stretch) followed by an immediate concentric contraction (shortening) of the same .

Since many human movements contain combinations of eccentric and concentric contractions, a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying the SSC effect would be useful for improving physical performance, optimizing human movement efficiency, and providing an understanding of . The stretch-shortening cycle: Proposed mechanisms and methods for enhancement. Stretch Shortening Cycle.

The other mechanoreceptor that plays a significant role in the plyometric stretchshorten cycle is the GTO. They need to have skillful, multijoint exercises to transmit forces through the kinetic chain and .

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