SL70H Renewaire 51-76 cfm ECM Energy Recovery Ventilator - Hard Wire Model- Renewaire SL70 is the latest addition to the Renewaire residential ERV lin. Share. SKU. The only maintenance required on the unit is to replace the filters every month. Web Order Entry ID: Password: Forgot your ID or password? EV90P, EV130, EV200 and EV300 only; not rated $ 40.00 Add to cart. . RenewAire EV200 SERIES ; RenewAire LE10XRT ; RenewAire GR90 SERIES ; RenewAire HE2XINH . Can accommodate from one to six PBLs (see PBL - Push Button Lighted) This percentage timer automatically turns on your EV every hour. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. 2. RenewAire ERV Overview. EV130 | 13810 | Renewaire | Renewaire EV130 Energy Recovery Ventilator, 50 - 140 cu-ft/min Air Flow, 120 VAC, 102 W at 130 cu-ft/min, 1.3 A Renewaire EV130 13810 | S. G. Torrice Please note our upcoming 4th of July holiday hours for all S. G. Torrice locations. The unit has a range of 100-200 cfm, which I assume is dependent on static pressure and other variables for each installation. Manufacturer Name: RenewAire. Replacement Filter Pads for Renewaire ERV EV90P / EV200 / EV240 / EV300 - 4 Pack of 10-1/2 inch x 21-3/4 inch Brand: Airstar Filters 55 ratings $1995 ($4.99 / Count) About this item Pack of 4 MERV 8 , Spun Polyester Media Pads 10-1/2x21-3/4x1 Replacement for Renewaire ERV Filters Insert with Orange Side Toward the Core Approx.

This installation manual shows the suggested installation method. RenewAire EV200 Energy Recovery Ventilator. Renewaire EV130, EV200, EV240, EV300 (DOWNLOAD) OWNERS MANUAL SALES & SERVICE SINCE 1971 RENEWAIRE CONTROLLERS AND FILTERS PBT RenewAire Push Button Boost Timer with Indicator Light DJS PICK UP PRICE OF $84.00 Renewire (5) 2 packs 990076 Filters for Renewaire ERV units $89.00 Digital Time Clock Manual TC7D (PDF) | PDF (1MB) Digital Time Clock, SL . RenewAire EV200: 200 cfm, high efficiency at 200cfm. Copy link. Martin, the Renewaire EV90 is a better value, at just over $600.same core, much more efficient motors. Renewaire EV200 ERV 181 78% 157 1,375 1,124 1,202 401 2,577 1,776 3,985 4,261 1,684 45 Rheem/Ruud 84-HRV-200 HRV 109 70% 92 806 923 987 329 1,793 1,135 2,153 2,303 510 -38 Ultimate Air RecoupAerator 200DX ERV 73 83% 48 569 350 375 125 944 694 1,710 1,829 885 41. It comes with a 10 year warranty on the Energy Exchange Core. Manual J Residential Load Calculation. 1.800.961.7370 SMC SUPPLEMENTAL MANUAL WWW.SOLERPALAU-USA.COM 7 ELECTRICAL 4.1 WIRING SCHEMATICS 4.0 ELECTRICAL SEPARATE SOURCE OF 24VAC POWER REQUIRED MC-C and MC-W Control connected to RenewAire EV-series ERV (separate source of 24VAC power required) This schematic appliestoEV90,EV90P,EV130, EV200, EV240 and EV300 models only. not . Guides & Manuals; RenewAire ERVs can be applied everywhere across all residential and commercial buildings, and everything in between. Load Calculation for the whole house. EV200 - Ventilation Performance Ext. For the most complete and current information visit 3 Part I - General . OPEraTiOn EaCh hOur: Run time of your ERV can be adjusted from 10%, or 6 minutes each hour, up to 100% operation in 10% increments. The 990076 package contains ten pairs of filter sheets. 4510 Helgesen Drive Madison, Wisconsin 53718 Choose the ERV Unit that's best for your site. Previous Next. Your Price: $515.43 In Stock. LINEAR HOLE SIZE < SURFACE FINISH UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED, DIMENSIONS AND TOLERANCES ARE IN INCHES. 24VAC IN - BLACK Manual D. wire helix friction chart, or equivalent; or use the wire helix scale on the ACCA Duct Sizing Slide Rule, or equivalent. It sounds like the conclusion is nobody makes an inexpensive, good HRV. MODEL EV70\EV130\EV200\EV300 ENERGY RECOVERY VENTILATOR (ERV) WARNING RISK OF FIRE, ELECTRIC SHOCK, OR INJURY. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try . As far as sub-$1,000 HRVs go, I'm not much help. Installation Manual Specification Sheet Dimensions SPECIFICATIONS. Simply press the RenewAire logo until the light next to the desired percentage amount is lit. wg L/S CFM 25 0.1 97 207 100 213 109 232 The warranty on all the other components is 2 years. The friction chart or duct slide rule provided by the manufacturer of a particular flexible duct product supersedes the . OBSERVE ALL CODES AND THE FOLLOWING: 1. RenewAire Percentage Timer Control with Furnace Interlock for EV70, EV130, EV200, and EV300 - S/S's FM24 PBL RenewAire Push Button Point-of-Use Control with 20 Min. 4510 Helgesen Drive, Madison, WI 53718 (608) 221-4499, (800) 627-4499, Fax: (608) 221-2824 Wiring Schematics ERV INTERNAL CONTROL WIRING (SIMPLIFIED) ERV INTERNAL CONTROL WIRING (SIMPLIFIED) YC Furnace 24V Control Block (b/o) G Thermostat (b/o) W W R R G Y Cooling System (b/o) E1 Watch later. That is enough filter material for 20 filters for the EV200 or EV300, and a template to cut each into pairs to fit the EV90 or EV130 for a total of 40 filters. . Database contains 1 RenewAire V50 Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Installation & maintenance instructions manual . The TrueIAQ digital control has ventilator dry contacts, which can be set for percentages, time of day, outdoor air temp limits, etc. Page 3 F in. EV300 ENERGY RECOVERY VENTILATOR (ERV) Due to continuing product development, specifications are subject to change without notice EV130_200_300Man_Mar13.docx 134777_012 Revised 03/2013 2013 RenewAire LLC Page 1 4510 Helgesen Drive, Madison, WI, 53718 608.221.4499, 800.627.4499, Fax: 608.221.2824 The result is that natural air infiltration rates are often too low to provide acceptable indoor air quality. AC-3WAYVLV SpacePak 3-Way Valve For H2O Fan Coils. Includes a Fantech 250CFM HRV with a hybrid installation (exhausts in bathrooms and fresh air venting into main heating ducts), fancy Trane thermostats, two zones (upstairs and main floor) and all new ductwork. The service takes 2-3 days for a completion. Brand Name: RenewAire MPN: EV200; ASPN: EV-200; CPN: Price: . OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL www. Mechanical outdoor air intake openings . Static Pressure Net Supply Airflow Supply Exhaust Pa in. Shares: 313. Page 1 INSTALLATION, OPERATION & MAINTENANCE MANUAL ENERGY RECOVERY VENTILATOR EV130 EV200 EV300 MODEL: EV130 MODEL: EV200 MODEL: EV300 RENEWAIRE.COM. EV200 Renewaire 100-200 cfm Energy Recovery Ventilator - Plug In Model. RenewAire's Residential ERVs use MERV 8 rated, spun polyester, disposable filters. Tap to unmute. Renewaire EV130 and BR130. Save my login and password. Motors are electrical devices that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. (See manual for additional installation details.) (non-ECM motor Option) CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE MANUAL. Open the access door and inspect inside the unit. RenewAire V50 Installation & maintenance instructions manual (12 pages) . Nordyne Furnace Model G6RC 120C-20C Parts. BREAK SHARP EDGES. Manufacturer Part No: EV200-4. . Bypass login screen completely next time. These units bring in fresh air while expelling stale air and warm the incoming air. Shop Petzl Our offices and warehouses will be closed 07/02 - 07/04 in observance of Independence Day. EV130, EV200, AND EV300 ABOUT RENEWAIRE For over 30 years, RenewAire has been a pioneer in enhancing indoor air quality (IAQ) in commercial and residential buildings of every size. These units are supposed to be cleaned at least once a year with the smal. The Percentage Timer Control with indicator lights (PTL) is the primary control for RenewAire Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) models EV90/P, EV130, EV200, EV240, EV300, EV Premium, and SL70. The solution is to grab a vacuum cleaner with a soft bristle brush tip and vacuum the outer surface of the core to allow airflow to pass through the Renewaire ERV Core. Motors can be powered by direct current (DC) from a battery or by alternating . 4510 Helgesen Dr. Madison, WI 53718 USA FAX: (608) 221-2824 TEL: (608) 221-4499 SIZE: TOLL FREE: (800) 627-4499 CHECKED BY: DATE: DRAWN BY: DATE: RenewAire DO NOT SCALE DRAWING. Authorization. OBSERVE ALL CODES AND THE FOLLOWING: 1. Renewaire Energy Recovery Ventilator, 100 - 200 cu-ft/min Air Flow, 1.5 A, 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 157 W at 181 cu-ft/min, 33-1/4 in L, 24 in W, 21-3/4 in H SPECIFICATIONS FEATURES Ventilation type static plate, heat and humidity transfer Line cord power supply Low voltage circuit for controls Unit may be-mounted in any orientation Duct fiction charts vary from product to product (depending on construction details). Likes: 625. Number of Stories Qty: Add to Cart *Orders over $2000 get a 7 night luxury resort stay. Broan Advanced Series Energy Recovery Ventilator, 183 CFM at 0.4 in. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators . CERTIFIED PERFORMANCE See HVI Certified Ratings. EV200 for up to four bathrooms and the EV300 for up to six FEATURES & OPTIONS; ACCESSORIES; SUBMITTAL(S) & DRAWINGS; SPECS; LITERATURE; MANUALS; . 2. 3/4" - 1" Thickness Applicable to Renewaire Residential ERV Models EV90, EV90P, EV130, EV200 and EV300 only. RenewAire EV Series RenewAire EV200 SERIES RenewAire DN-2-JIN RenewAire EV240 SERIES Fan: Frequently-viewed manuals D+H GVL 8304-K Original Instructions Manual Original instructions manual (8 pages) Monte Carlo Fan Company 5WS52XXD-L Series Owner's Manual Owner's manual (16 pages) Shopping. Take Control Our simple, attractive controls allow you to dictate your levels of fresh air ventilation. EV240 Renewaire 100-240 cfm Energy Recovery Ventilator - Plug In Model . Search: Renewaire Ev130 Replacement Parts. Fantech: cheaper and lower efficiency, not self balancing, small filters. Flexible insulated duct is typically used. R. ECOVERY . V. ENTILATOR (ERV) WARNING RISK OF FIRE, ELECTRIC SHOCK, OR INJURY. The EV Series EV200 Energy Recovery Ventilator features: 100-200 CFM, plug-in power, centrifugal blowers, MERV 13 and fixed speed. This is an original replacement part for a Renewaire EV70, EV90, EV130 or PVS13 or EV200. RenewAire Primary Control for EV90, EV130, EV200, and EV300 - S/S's PT and PT24 Installation Manual Operation: The Percentage Timer Control with indicator lights and furnace interlock (FM) is the primary control for RenewAire Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) models EV90, EV90P, EV130, EV200, EV240 and EV300 when Furnace Interlock is needed and no Push Button Lighted (PBL) controls are used. They operate through the interaction between the motor's magnetic field and electric current in a wire winding to generate force in the form of torque applied on the motor's shaft. 1.800.627.4499 INSTALLATION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL RENEWAIRE.COM 3 BR70 AND BR130 INFO CERTIFIED PERFORMANCE ENERGY EXCHANGE SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS . The matching point-of-use control allows for 20/40/60 minute manual . General Filters Incorporated is a leading provider of ERV/HRV parts, view our inventory and search online. RenewAire EV200 and Aircycler FR-V I just installed a EV200 from RenewAire. 992279 Renewaire EV200/PVS20 Replacement blower assembly for s/n E06 and before (May 2006). - S/S's PB and PB24 The S+P TR90 is the same product, available through other online retailers. Replacement Filter Pads for Renewaire ERV EV90P / EV200 / EV240 / EV300 - 4 Pack of 10-1/2 inch x 21-3/4 inch 4. top of the line, brand name products and do not sell re-manufactured, refurbished, or used parts. . What is Renewaire Ev130 Replacement Parts. Note: RenewAire's Commercial ERVs use . Previous in RenewAire: Next in RenewAire >> Price: Item Number: EV200. It's mounted on the shop ceiling. Additional measures may be required by local . RenewAire EV Series ERV | EV200. Cuts out at -25 C. Total cost: $36,375. PA_Manual_AUG09 138239_004 www. Note: RenewAire's Commercial ERVs use . This is a single replacement motor and capacitor for the EV90, EV130, EV200.

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