The Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA) is dedicated to the well-being of the Australian Labradoodle and Labradoodle breeds. Ear infections: A common infection in many dogs, but especially Labradoodles. Allergies: Reactions to outside substances. Puppies are examined by a veterinarian and vaccinated before leaving. The labradoodles that have Merle gene and color are called Merle Labradoodle Nahla and Otis had a beautiful litter of 7 F2b pups in a rainbow of colors and patterns on 8/21/20! General Appearance. The Australian Labradoodle moves with agility and grace when active yet is compact with substance and medium boning. Brimming with joy and energy when free, they become relaxed and quiet when handled. Australian Labradoodles have a free flowing wavy or curly coat that is low to non-shedding.

Here is a compiled list of the seven best Labradoodle breeders in the Midwest: 1. Rocky is a Black and white bicolor mini aussie labradoodle puppy, built solid and strong, brave and affectionate, loves to wrestle with littermates and explore new things. Breeding Goldendoodles for over a decade, for a little variety we recently added Bernedoodles in 2014 and furthermore, will continue to spice up our program by mixing and matching well-bred doodles. When two Merle Labradoodles are bred together, there is a 25% chance that their puppies will be merles. He is so smart, funny, and playful. We take pride in providing hypoallergenice dogs that are non-shedding, and offer a doodle puppy training program that gives our Australian Green Gables Australian Labradoodles were one of the first authentic breeders of Australian Labradoodles in South Carolina. Labradoodles intelligence and tenacity cannot be overemphasized; hence they are very obedient and easy to train. Availability Date: 04/09/2022. Parents are extensively screened including hips, elbows, knees and 16 DNA tests. Located in Monterey, California just two hours south of San Francisco. Call us today! Size & Color: Throughout the year our litters may include chocolate, tan, cream, white, apricot, red, tri-color, shiny blacks, merle, phantom, red tuxedo and parti-colored puppies.When full grown, these health tested, Australian Labradoodle puppies will be approximately 15-40 pounds with wavy fleece coats, curly fleece coats or the occasional straighter hair fleece coats. Australian Labradoodle Puppy Price List Prices for Fleece and Wool: Medium/Standard/Miniature Males and females in all colours, including Phantom, Sable and Parti (unless rare colours noted below), are $4000 (+ gst) (Some colours may fade over time) Merles, which are a rare colour that we do breed for, are $4200 (+ gst) Phantom merle (even Breeder. We focus on well socialized, early neurological stimulation, and uniquely colored doodles like merle, roan and wild agouti phantoms. AUSTRALIAN LABRADOODLES. Parti colored Australian Labradoodles will be at least 50% white in color. Mini Australian labradoodle price $3,000; Medium Australian labradoodles $3,000; Mini, Medium Australian Labradoodles Merle/Phantom $3,600; GOLDENDOODLES. Australian Labradoodle. This breed combines the Silky tasseled coat of the poodle with the high-energy, lovable personality of the Australian Shepherd. Australian Labradoodles are beautiful intelligent dogs. The female Australian Labradoodles and miniature Goldendoodles are the pride of Ericas Doodles, raising and caring for dozens of the most adorable puppies in Illinois. Full of mischief and love available now to good home only. Australian Labradoodle Puppy Price List Prices for Fleece and Wool: Medium/Standard/Miniature Males and females in all colours, including Phantom, Sable and Parti (unless rare colours noted below), are $4000 (+ gst) (Some colours may fade over time) Merles, which are a rare colour that we do breed for, are $4200 (+ gst) Phantom merle (even Generally, most Aussie Labradoodles are considered fully grown at around 12 to 18 months. Shop the cheapest selection of merle australian labradoodle, 58% Discount Last 4 Days. Appleton. Epilepsy: A neurological condition that causes seizures. The Australian Labradoodle is a breed created from foundation stock of: Lab, Poodle, Irish Water Spaniel, English and American Cocker Spaniel, and finally the Irish Soft Coated Wheaten. Litter of 4. Australian Labradoodles have many color and pattern variations. Sugar Pine Doodles currently breeds miniature multi-generation Australian Labradoodles. [emailprotected] Get directions. Tina Overton- 919-777-4072. Common merle breeds include Australian Shepherds, Great Danes, Border Collies, and Shetland Sheepdogs. $3000 Please call. We love working with families! 4 Months Old. Most of our puppies will reach approximately 15-35 pounds at maturity. Legendary Labradoodles is a breeder of carefully chosen Australian Labradoodles with puppies that are for sale in Texas. Most colors. COCO MERLE LITTER. Your Premier Australian Labradoodle Breeder! $500. Sugar Pine Doodles breeds fifteen to thirty pound, Miniature, Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodles. The lighter part of the coat can vary from a very light powder blue type coloring to very dark steel blue type coloring. 5311 Bunker Hill Road Suite 1 Williamsburg,Mi 49690, United States. technician! (Merle is a marbling color that can consist of two or three colors. He will be ready for his new family around October 28th bernedoodle (IG) For any questions or additional information, please contact Paula at (970) 275-6391, or use the form to the right Australian Mountain Doodle coming February 2021! COCO MERLE LITTER. These beautiful dogs are also the most common types to have pale blue eyes. Search: Merle Dog. More. A full-grown mini Australian Labradoodle ranges between 14 and 16 inches in height (withers) and weighs less than 30 pounds. De Pere. Search: Merle Dog. The pups almost 8 weeks old and are healthy and read to go. A blue merle is a Labradoodle black dog with the black broken up into irregularly shaped patches by gray. Back Aussiedoodle Australian Mountain Doodle Australian Shepherd Bernedoodle Bernese Mountain Sable Phantom 978-774-7382 *Charlie Smalls, Sable Bernedoodle Male 6 months Old with his family *Tri-Colored Bernedoodle Female 8 weeks old *Tri-Colored Bernedoodle Female 6 months old with her family *Chocolate & White Aussiedoodle Male his parents took him out for Parents are extensively screened including hips, elbows, knees and 16 DNA tests. Beautiful Merle Girl Need New Good Home (chl > Latham, Ohio) Rehoming standard Australian Shepard (day > Tipp City) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. A Blue Merle is all black with silver or grey patches with an almost blue tone.

Little bits is just under 4 pounds and 10 months she is a tiny toy Aussie. Hershey is our affectionate Chocolate merle wavy fleece Australian Labradoodle female living in a guardian home. They breed Labradoodles of all sizes, and they are specially trained to become the best therapy or service dogs on the East Coast. N/A.

See blackbird A merle dog can be completely merled (from a solid black, etc The merle pattern will not manifest on any areas of the body that express tan (pheomelanin) and/or white trim I love the way Ted talks for Merle- it's not baby talk, but it seems to really come from Merle A smart dog is a happy dog, they are easily trained which adds to the enjoyment of Ckc registered multigen standard size labradoodle puppies! The Blue Merle Labradoodle is the most common of all the merle types. The most common ones are parti, white, apricot, chocolate, black, merle, lavender, cream, silver, or different shades of brown. For example a Mini Australian Labradoodle is usually the smallest of all Labradoodle dogs. The ALAA does not allow breeding or full registration of merle puppies. Circus Goat and Bottle Baby The secondary color for red Phantom Goldendoodles and chocolate Phantom Goldendoodles is typically apricot Generation: F1BB CrockettDoodles North Carolina Doodle Puppies Cma Ophthalmology North Carolina Doodle Puppies. Males and females available. The second most common is the Chocolate Merle Australian Labradoodle. Microchip, Vaccination, Vet History.

Merle coats, such as what you would see in an Australian Shepherd, can happen however it is not acceptable in the breed standard and is seen as a fault. Early socialization and training help your Aussiedoodle puppy grow into a well-adjusted dog Rocco loves everyone he meets and loves to stay by your side [email protected] Leah is a beautiful black sable Belgium Malinois that possesses far more than good looks The majority of these dogs have passed the rigorous Blue merle sable pup coat. All Wisconsin Cities Dogs in Wisconsin by City . Male. Were here to help you find out why Aussies are so awesome They grow up to 18 inches tall and weigh up to 40lbs as adults easy to build easel Jungle DIY Learn more about the Miniature American Shepherd breed standard: AKC Meet the Miniature American Shepherd: Mini and medium labradoodles for sale We are located in Brush Prairie Washington, just north of Portland PDX. Raising amazing Doodles, one at a time, with extra love and attention, for a healthy pet your family will love. Breed. The larger size is very, very rare as the merles tend to be the smaller sizes. Merle Labradoodles are often born with white markings in their coat color. Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles from health tested dogs, from our home to yours. Our merle lines have come through careful infusion of the Cockapoo. Gender. Luna is a standard Golden Groodle, Mac a medium Chocolate Merle Labradoodle Well socialised, vet checked, wormed and first vaccinations completed. We produce the finest Miniature, Medium and Standard Australian Labradoodles. Male. Easily Trained! Use our petfinder today! Merle is the multi-color pattern or patches in a dogs coat. Keystone Puppies has a puppy finder feature setting you up to find and buy a dog perfect for your home. Toggle Navigation. Australian Labradoodles were Created. Since then, we have been recognised as Australian Cobberdog breeders by the MDBA. Size & Color: Throughout the year our litters may include chocolate, cream, tan, white, apricot, red, red tuxedo, tri-color, shiny blacks, merle, phantom, and parti-colored puppies. We also provide ongoing support to our puppy owners. Both parents have been health tested.

Find Labradoodle Dogs and Puppies for sale on Pets4Homes - UKs largest pet classifieds site to buy and sell dogs and puppies near you. Age. Coat Types Wool. Breed. The first ALAA Roundtable educational event for breeders is held. View Details. EXTENSIVE SOCIALIZATION! Price: $3200. All puppies will be vet checked, vaccinated and dewormed. Customer review: Tangled, when my sister brought your boy Finn home, my mom (Finn's Grammy) had a talk with you. Gender. Color. However, Aussiedoodles will most often be particolored, black and tan, sable, blue merle, red merle, or black and red tricolored.

If you are looking to purchase a Labradoodle as a pet or as a breeding dog, be assured that this page contains the most up to date information about our Member Breeders. Visit our site to see all of our puppies for sale in Ohio through Australian Labradoodle Litter of Puppies For Sale in MOUNT JACKSON, VA, USA. In 2016, we were fortunate enough to adopt our first ever Merle!

Blue merle phantom tuxedo. Age. They can also have unique eye colors. Search: Mini Australian Shepherd Breeders Maryland. The Australian Labradoodle is a mix of three or more approved breeds consisting of Poodle, Labrador Retriever, Irish Water Spaniel, Curly Coat Retriever, American Cocker Spaniel, and English Cocker Spaniel. Price: $1,500. Come find out why an Australian Labradoodle is an ideal family dog. 11/06/2022. A merle Labradoodle will require little maintenance.

$3,000. Join our community of Bestland Doodle-Parents! Their puppies are expected to be 25lbs when fully grown, hypoallergenic and non-shedding!! Frankie small male, phantom blue/ red/chocolate merle mini aussie labradoodle puppy with beautiful copper markings and highlights. The Merle Aussiedoodle is, as the name suggests, a cross between an Aussie and a Doodle. Photo (1) Puppy for Sale. Mini Goldendoodles $3,000-$3,300 February 28, 2022 by Andy. $1,500. PremierBreeder of the Authentic Australian Labradoodles from the original lines, living in beautiful, Raleigh, N.C. Puppy Deposit. Australian Labradoodle Puppy For Sale in COLCHESTER, CT, USA. Bordoodle Puppies for Sale It could have the curly fur of the Poodle, or the straight double coat of the Border Collie They can also carry a merle coloring Bouncing Bernedoodles We have Bernedoodle Puppies available!! View Details. Breed. Search: Sable Aussiedoodle.

Mayas Litter of Barksdale Authentic Australian Labradoodles are a combination of Silver, Red Caramel wWhite, Chocolate w White in both Phantom, Mix, and Parti patterns having gorgeous Fleece Coats. Skip to content. No patch should be so large that it appears to be a blanket This is one handsome little Joint Issues: Effecting the hip, elbow or knees. We love working with families. Genuine Australian labradoodle puppy breeder since 2004. A poster Payment Method: Party With a Parti. This coat is rarely seen in Australian Labradoodles these days as advancements in genetic testing allows breeders to easily avoid it. While every puppy is unique, examples give an idea of Labradoodle colors. 2004. Availability Date: 04/09/2022. We are a small in-house breeder specializing in breeding miniature to medium labradoodles from the seeing eye dog Australian lines. Gender. When two Merle Labradoodles are bred together, there is a 25% chance that their puppies will be merles.

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